Why I Hate The Premise Behind Dark Matter

I want to make this perfectly clear- my argument is not against those who believe in the dark matter theory it is against those who teach and preach dark matter in replace of scientific fact. It is not scientific fact, it is my contention that there is little science involved in the ‘science’ of dark matter.

A little bit of history

It is my understanding that dark matter, in of itself, is a man-made creation- actually more than that an assumption. When scientists examined planets and stars, they found there was insufficient mass to sustain a gravitational attractive force within the substance. Ergo they found that the planet or star should explode, as the particles are not sufficiently attracted to one another. But as we know, planets and stars do not explode at random (outside of a supernova- but that is another matter altogether).

As a means of explaining this, they ‘developed’ (made up), whats known as ‘Dark Matter’. Particles invisible to the naked eye that serve to add mass, and hence gravitational attractive force, without being detected. It seemed like a convenient solution. Science could now explain, why planets and stars remain intact because of this mysterious invisible (and very made up) force.

It’s simply’ guesstimation’

In making dark matter scientists are doing the equivalent of any arrogant idiot trying answer to an question that they don’t know the answer to: “Why is that identical car faster than yours, there is simply no logical explanation? Well…you see there is an invisible force called dark matter that propels the other car forward. ITS UTTERLY STUPID. Scientists are just guessing, making random assumptions based on no evidence. “Well i can’t explain this, lets make up something called dark matter that solves all our problems.” How can this be called a theory, let alone science!

Scientists are guessing and estimating (‘guesstimating’ as I like to call it) and this cannot be the foundation of a theory. Cold hard evidence is the only foundation that can ground a theory.

Why guess?

By making assumptions and proclaiming the existence of dark matter what could scientists give to science? Why make those assumptions in the first place, it will simply lead us down the wrong track. Yes I understand that delving down the wrong path, is the cornerstone for scientific progress, that only by building upon incorrect notions can be understand that those notions were incorrect to begin with. But this is absurd. This is like that kid on the playground, who thinks he knows everything, who proclaims that John F Kennedy is the pope and that Neil Armstrong is the president and we’re all the mindless followers who hang on his every word. Why say there is a Jedi-like force that holds the planets together, why go to all this trouble in the realm of science when you’re just guessing? Why lead us down a path you don’t know is correct? Why not conduct more research, be sure of your options and the evidence for each of them, and then make a decision. I mean its not like there’s any time pressure, the universe isn’t going anywhere (relatively speaking).

In summation, I know that some of you hold dark matter close to your hearts, that some of your live and die by the theory that the universe can somewhat be explained. But be wary and do not believe everything you hear, because throughout your life there’ll be that arrogant kid on the playground who wants you to believe everything he says and it is your duty to consider him, but not accept his point of view.


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