My War Poem

Hey guys,

What follows is my war poem that recently won the national literary awards from the Fellowship of Australian Writers. I was named Young poet of the year. I hope you enjoy reading it!


The alabaster moon hung high in the sky

Watching in amusement like an all seeing eye

The violent guns spewed their insides over the hill

And the hordes of rain increased still

I stand in a trench of affable mud

And the whistling wind frosts my blood

War is a vicious typhoon centred at my skin

The perishing great darkness closes in.

As I load my rifle and swing the catch

My battalion stands as archaic as ash

Men overdosed with deceptive lies of glory

The impact of folklore and rebarbative stories

A precocious veil of smoke cloaks the field

Encircling the prey who make a delectable meal

Dashing royals of great pulchritude still want more

Serving to obfuscate the reasoning for war

My tortured senses sing in protest

Their cries of indignation constantly in contest

As the inevitability of death becomes real

My preconceived mindset doesn’t appeal

I cry in vain to shoo death from their midst

Whilst the kind mother herself refuses to assist

The irrational shadows dance upon their deformation

Death has made a mockery of creation

The crowds back home cheer with empty glee

At the soldier youth who give their life for free

Whilst the sombre screaming obliterates all clarity

The inferno where youth play destroys my sanity


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