A new alternative energy source: MUD!

Since potato power took the world by ‘storm’ engineers and scientists alike have strapped themselves to come up with the most surprising sources of energy. The’ve finally done it, the next potato power phenomenon is here, its mud power.

Two enterprising americans, Keegan Cooke and Kevin Rand, have created MudWatt kits as a way to engage kids/students with science. What interesting is the science behind it. Most of the world’s mud contain microbes that produce electricity when they eat. That is the engine driving the MudWatt. Colonies of special bacteria (called shewanella and geobacter) generate the electricity in a MudWatt.

“We want to show kids this brighter side of STEM, to empower them to become the great problem solvers of tomorrow. Because let’s face it, there are plenty of problems in the world that need solving.Unfortunately, our experience in school wasn’t unique. In 2011, less than one-third of 8th graders in the U.S. were deemed proficient in science. Today, 70% of the fastest growing careers are in STEM fields.The supply of STEM education is not meeting the demand.”

The electricity output is proportional to health and activity of that bacterial colony. In maintaining these colonies in using difference methods, you can use MudWatt to run all kinds of cool experiments. Thus the MudWatt allows kids to connect with science, using their natural curiosity to experiment and learn. (Isn’t that what its all about?). Engaging this too-often-neglected human potential will bring joy to those kids and bring scientific understanding to new depths.

Using standard topsoils, typical power levels are approximately 100 microWatts- enough to power the LED, buzzer, clock, etc..OMG!!!


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